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There are many quality builders in the Asheville area, including design build firms that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. The following are firms who have built at Whisper Mountain recently.

Diamond Sky Builders

Red Deer of Diamond Sky Builders has been involved in many of the home projects on Whisper Mountain dating back to its earliest constructions. In recent years, Red Deer branched out from his former employer (Jade Mountain Builders) to run his own construction company, Diamond Sky Builders. He and his crew are a regular presence on Whisper Mountain, with two recent new builds and several new projects in the works.  In fact, Red Deer has purchased a lot for himself, solidifying his commitment to our development not only as a builder but also as a prospective homeowner.

Contact Red Deer Builders:

Email: [email protected]  Phone: (828) 216-9639
Diamond Sky Builders on Facebook

Southern Living Green Idea Home 2008 Rendering

Logangate Timber Homes

Logangate Timber Homes is a local custom home builder that offers high-quality panelized modern timber home kits in a variety of sizes and styles enabling lot owners to build affordable homes, cantilevered on steep slopes if necessary. 

This is a viable and affordable option for lot owners wanting to complete their project in a fraction of the time it takes to design and build in a conventional way (i.e., hiring an architect, designing, and then building). 

Logangate’s commitment to energy-efficient green building is in keeping with Whisper Mountain’s goals, making this a great match for lot owners in more than one respect. 

is BuildTec Systems constructed the first Logangate home on Whisper Mountain in 2022. (Click the image above to see more photos from the Amity design.) General contractor David Hughes, the owner of BuildTec Systems, designed this home in collaboration with Logangate in addition to building it. He and his wife decided to build a home at Whisper Mountain this year, describing the development as a” hidden gem” – he would know!  

Contact Logangate: 

Rob Cole, CEO
Contact: https://logangate.com/contact-us/ 

Phone: 828.707.4383

Contact BuildTec Systems:

David Hughes
Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 828.734.0790

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