In the heart of western North Carolina, near the beautiful city of Asheville, is a place surrounded by natural beauty and culture. This is the community known as Whisper Mountain. Here you will find the untold secret of North Carolina mountain real estate.
Discover the comforts of a contemporary lifestyle in a rustic setting. Starting at $90,000, each of our beautiful, wooded homesites have been thoughtfully planned, with full regard for environmental preservation. Here at Whisper Mountain, we have created homesites, trails, and many other exclusive amenities that tread lightly on the earth.

Visualize an owner’s lodge hand-hewn from 160 year old hemlock timbers, fully equipped with an exercise room, sauna, spa, and decks with 30 mile views. Picture hundreds of acres of mountain streams, spring fed creeks, parks and miles of trails, with one to six acre homesites at elevations up to 3,800 feet. Envision magnificent 360 degree long range mountain and valley views. This is Whisper Mountain, where you will find the very finest of Asheville properties.

Mount MitchellHomesites at Whisper Mountain soar at elevations of 2,700 to 3,800 feet, overlooking magnificent Mt. Mitchell, Pisgah National Forest and at some sites, downtown Asheville. We have put a great deal of thought into planning these homesite locations, taking environmental integrity, aesthetic value, comfort and convenience into full consideration at every stage of development. Each homesite is unique in its own way, as are the families that will make this place their home.

All home sites have been carefully selected to create a special place. Some home sites provide ultimate privacy, while others showcase stunning views. Whether you are looking for the most sensitive habitat or the sounds of a tumbling stream, you will find it all at Whisper Mountain.

Wild Flame Leaf AzaleaWild Flame Leaf Azaleas and native Rhododendrons are embraced by soaring Tulip Poplars and Dogwood trees at Whisper Mountain. The riot of color in the fall can only be measured by the magnificence of the starry nights over Davidson Gap.

These are not simply sites for new green houses, these lush properties provide the natural foundation for true homes, homes where memories will be made and cherished.