The amount of information disseminated in today’s electronic press on the economy and, in particular the housing market, makes it difficult to obtain unbiased information to forecast your decision making.

Entering any real estate market is a great challenge. And, picking an area to purchase a new home that offers all you are seeking in comfort, beauty, activities, and of course value and stability, is the greatest challenge, it’s recommended you have a look around at a lot of different locations such as Houston real estate for example, and settle on what’s personally right for you.
While most of the country’s real estate markets have been affected by the economic downturn, a recent poll ranked Asheville, North Carolina as the second best real estate market to enter into. This recent poll was conducted by The Lucky 7 Investor Forecast and is produced by
Housing was launched in November of 2006. More than two years of extensive research from all angles of the investment, real estate sectors and consumer- based information went into the formation of their methodology. Their main goal is to provide their readers with unbiased housing market forecasts and real estate news in all states.

NC Mountain Real Estate: A winning market

North Carolina has been one of the country’s strongest housing markets with appreciation. And, while there is no doubt that home sales have slowed in Asheville, it’s nothing like other areas of the country. Tucked away in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville has cooler summers than much of the southeast making it a perfect spot for getaways. A growing second home market is also helping home sales in the area forecast to appreciate 3.2 percent for the year.

What you’ll find on

Housing Predictor examines 20 plus micro market characteristics of each of the markets it forecast. Some of these include: income levels, employment trends and changes, school enrollment, business trends, regional political influences, real estate sales forecast history and current housing market velocity. This information is obtained by hundreds of independent sources to achieve the most clear and unbiased forecast available in today’s challenging market. This data is then compiled and reviewed by some of the nation’s foremost investment houses, mortgage companies, real estate companies, and most importantly consumers, for our forecasts. boasts an impressive 85 percent accuracy rating for its forecast.
Every day, new and revised information is compiled on this easy-to-use web site. Forecasts for 250 cities are available to review. Reports on these cities are updated as conditions change. This site also provides its visitors with outstanding articles on pertinent topics within the real estate world. Some article topics are:

  • Hottest 10 buyer markets
  • Most affordable markets
  • Top 25 markets
  • Refinancing and mortgage news also offers their visitors a cyber housing research center. This research center shows visitors information on the following:

  • Search home and condo listings, nationwide
  • Buying and selling tips
  • A guide to understanding mortgages

North Carolina Mountain Homes Top Lucky 7 Forecast

The Lucky 7 Forecast is intended to provide investors with the top seven areas to invest in, nationwide. In June, the top seven picks included the following areas:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Asheville, North Carolina
  3. Houston, Texas
  4. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  5. Salem, Oregon
  6. Boise, Idaho
  7. Grand Junction, Colorado

According to The Lucky 7 Forecast, the Asheville area and its surrounding mountain region of Western North Carolina has been an exception on the national scene; it has been strongly appreciating for the past few years. The forecast predicts continued strong growth with many well-designed developments planned in this thriving region.
Whisper Mountain, located less than 30 minutes outside of Asheville, is one such example of well-designed, low-density community. That’s why Southern Living Magazine chose this location as the spot for the 2008 Green Idea House.
“Asheville, NC real estate is strong because of many factors,” Charlie Ball, Whisper Mountain’s developer, says.
He explains that the, “North Carolina’s second home market is experiencing continued strength due to the fact that North Carolina is now one of the nation’s top picks for the baby-boomer generation. And, the market in the mountain region did not experience the over-valuation that many areas in the country did during the last boom market.”

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